What do School OTs do?

Examples of the role and functions of a public school OT


*Problem Solve

*Educate student/teacher/parent

*Design/adapt activities and environments to facilitate participation

*Establish a skill or ability

*Maintain skills needed for participation


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Different but Complementary

The role of occupational therapy in the public schools is unique and different from the role of OT provided in clinics, hospitals, homes and other community settings. The fact that these differences exist can be a difficult concept to grasp for all involved including parents, other team members,OTs working outside of the public schools, and even the public school OT themselves! Conflict may arise due to a lack of understanding of these role differences. For this reason it is important that school therapists are clear and confident about their role in the public schools. Public school OTs must possess the ability to clearly articulate their role to parents, other team members, community therapists and medical professionals in order to avoid misunderstandings and to facilitate collaboration among all involved in a child’s care and education.

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9 Things Every School-Based OT Should Know

Understanding the Role of Occupational Therapy in the School Setting


1.  The role and primary focus of the occupational therapist in school-based practice is on facilitating the child’s participation in his or her educational program.


2.  The role of the school therapist is mandated by Special Education Law (IDEA04) and shaped by the AOTA Practice Framework (OTPF).

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