Supporting Students with SPD in School

As school therapists, we are often called upon to look at children with sensory-based needs and we often use a sensory integration framework or model in evaluating students and providing intervention. Occupational therapists in the public schools use “SI” quite frequently and in many ways.


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SI Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between sensory integration dysfunction and sensory processing disorder?

Based on the new terminology proposed in the November/December 2007 issue of AJOT, the term sensory processing rather than sensory integration is proposed for diagnostic descriptions.

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Classroom Strategies


Promoting an Optimal State of Alertness in the Classroom


We all require a certain amount and type of activity and sensation to be at our most alert. Incorporating specific environmental modifications and activities into the classroom routine can help to maintain an optimal state of alertness for an individual student or an entire classroom of students. A sampling of ideas for environmental modifications and alerting and calming activities are listed here.

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Sensory Diet


What is a Sensory Diet?


Each individual requires a certain amount and type of activity and sensation to be at their most alert, adaptable, and skillful (optimal level of alertness).


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SI in School: The Controversy

There is sometimes confusion over what school occupational therapists do or do not do related to sensory integration. Some say school occupational therapists “don’t do SI” and others say they do. This comes down to a question of terminology and understanding the OT's role in the public schools.

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