Sensory Diet


What is a Sensory Diet?


Each individual requires a certain amount and type of activity and sensation to be at their most alert, adaptable, and skillful (optimal level of alertness).



Activities provide certain types of sensory input that can have an alerting or arousing effect on the nervous system or, an inhibitory or calming effect on the nervous system.


A sensory diet involves the provision of specific sensory-based activities, on a regular basis, designed to promote an optimal level of arousal.


Providing carefully selected and timed sensory-based activities can help one to feel calm, alert, and organized (an optimal state of arousal) throughout the day.


Activities that include deep touch pressure, vestibular and/or proprioceptive input have the most pervasive effect on the nervous system and behavior. This type of sensory-based activity can calm, organize and alert the nervous system.


Click here for printable Sensory Diet Handout

Click here for a printable Promoting Optimal State of Alertness in the Classroom handout


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