SPED Process

The Special Education Process is governed by state and federal law. Occupational therapists working in the public school setting need to have a solid understanding of SPED process in order to practice effectively and within these mandates.

The Special Education Model provides an overview of SPED process.

Subsequent sections provide more detailed information related to the role of the occupational therapist in providing student services under the special education model. 

Early Intervening/RtI describes the role of the OT in the process of providing supports to students to (potentially) meet their needs within the general education setting prior to initiating the special education process.

Evaluation describes the process the occupational therapist uses when evaluating students as a part of the IEP/SPED process including the evaluation process and written report.

Team Process walks through the steps involved in determining eligibility, development of the IEP and student placement while highlighting the role of the occupational therapist.

Goals & Data Collection provides information on how to develop appropriate goals & objectives and how to measure progress through data collection.   

Service Delivery describes the types of service delivery occupational therapists provide in the public schools and the emphasis on providing services within the educational context and in the least restrictive setting. 


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