Response to Intervention

Response to Intervention (RtI)

The IDEA 2004 regulations incorporate requirements regarding identifying children with specific learning disabilities (SLD) and early intervening services (EIS). With regard to identifying children with SLD, the regulations:

(1) allow a school district to consider a student’s response to scientific, research-based intervention as part of the SLD determination process;

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Occupational Therapy Role in Early Intervening/Pre-referral

The school-based occupational therapist can play an important role in the instructional support/pre-referral/early intervening process. The purpose of this process is to provide students with the supports necessary to meet their needs within the general education setting prior to initiating the IEP/SPED process.

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Early Intervening/Pre-referral

Early Intervening Services (EIS)

Under IDEA 2004, districts can develop “early intervening services” for students in grades K-12. These services are provided for students who have not been identified as needing special education but who require academic or behavioral support to succeed in general education classes. The emphasis for these services is for students in K-3.

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